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Controlled substance addiction is a growing crisis in our country and now accounts for more accidental deaths than car accidents. Prescription Advisory is committed to addressing this problem via innovative and intuitive technology and services. We are looking for talented and energetic individuals with a passion to make prescription drug history data more meaningful to doctors and more beneficial to patients. We are hiring innovative, professional and focused professionals who:

  • Treat prospects, clients and fellow team members with honesty and respect
  • Enjoy a high energy and creative environment where hard work brings greater personal and financial rewards
  • Expect their personal contribution to make a difference for our clients and for our company
  • Prefer independent work environments where autonomy and self-sufficiency are valued
  • Want to be part of a dynamic, talented and entrepreneurial team where opportunity for success is boundless

Prescription Advisory offers a competitive salary, excellent benefits, a professional work environment and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

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Current Open Positions

We are especially seeking candidates with the following experience:

  • Large, complex healthcare EMR/EHR systems
  • Physician Practice Management systems
  • SaaS based healthcare industry software solutions
  • Physician, group practice, hospital or health systems operations
  • Solution based selling to C-Suite buyers

Regional Sales Director

The Regional Sales Director is responsible for the sale of Prescription Advisory SaaS services to hospitals, IDNs and to large group practices within a specified geographical area. The individual is expected to use competent product, technical, legislative and customer operational knowledge to influence prospective customers and assist them in applying PastRx values to their specific needs. The scope of selling is comprehensive ranging from identification and development of qualified prospects through detailed product presentations and demonstrations to deal pricing, negotiation, and closing. In addition, the position is expected to provide valuable input to and participate in marketing, market planning and the ongoing improvement of PastRx services.

Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales Representatives are responsible to identify and develop qualified suspects and prospects to the point where they can be handed off to a Regional Sales Director. The Inside Sales Rep is also expected to be a valuable team member in selling and aggressively moving qualified accounts from prospect through to closing. The position requires exceptional phone based communications skills as well as professional writing and skillful presentation skills. Additional responsibilities include managing non-phone based prospecting activities including email and webinar based campaigns and regional prospecting event activities.

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Effective monitoring systems [PDMPs] will augment clinical judgment, provide evidence of misuse, and facilitate prescription of the most appropriate analgesic for the situation…The Emergency Department is regarded as the nation’s safety net…the last bastion of around-the-clock access to care … Unfortunately, some of the solutions to opioid misuse [limiting ED physicians to 3-day opioid prescriptions] preempts judgments from trained emergency medical providers.

American College of Physicians, Annals of Internal Medicine, 9 April 2013

The AAOS recommends the following tools, which have been shown to significantly reduce medication errors:

  • computerized physician order entry
  • computerized decision support systems
  • computerized monitoring of adverse drug events
  • pharmacist-assisted rounds
  • high-risk drug protocols

Overdose deaths are “just the tip of the iceberg”: that for every death there are many more hospital treatment admissions, emergency room visits, people who abuse or are dependent on prescription drugs and nonmedical users.

American Psychological Association
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