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PASTRx Runs on Tablets & Computers

PASTRx is a Web application, and runs on a computer or tablet with Internet access via the current version of: Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

PASTRx is SaaS

PASTRx is a subscription service, offered as a stand-alone application or as part of a web-based Interactive ‘Dashboard’ combining the analyzed PDMP data and map with client-selected elements from their EHR (click here to learn more about the Dashboard).

  • Clients enter their credentials and the required information on the patient for whom a report is sought in PASTRx the same way they enter them now in their state’s system.
  • We pass those credentials and patient data to the state and retrieve the patient data from the PDMP
  • Without the ability to view that HIPAA protected data, our patent pending algorithms analyze and interprets the raw data
  • A number of important Alerts are derived, some of which have client-defined thresholds, and highlighted on the 1st page of the report.
  • We apply CDC data to calculate and chart MED
  • We apply geographic tagging to the addresses of all prescribers and dispensing pharmacies
  • We produce, and return to the requesting provider, the graphic interpretation of analyzed PDMP data shown above … more details below.
  • An interactive map displays the locations of prescribers, pharmacies and patient’s address for immediate recognition of potential issues.

The PASTRx Patient List

Patient List
  • Rather than a simple list, the PASTRx report  immediately presents the graphical visualized interpretation of our analyzed PDMP data
  • A line chart of daily dosages of all prescribed and dispensed medications over a client-defined time-period:
    • MEDs of opioids, with overlaps quickly seen
    • Benzodazapines
    • Stimulants
  • Chart displays overlaps of reported prescriptions
  • A list of MEDs over time
  • Two line charts displaying number of CS prescribers and number of pharmacies over the same client-defined time period, with red alerts if more than five of either
  • A list of current active prescriptions
  • The source PDMP raw data report can be viewed and/or printed

The PASTRx Map

  • The map displays icons of all the patient’s pharmacies and prescribers of Controlled Substances in the state PDMP, ‘sized’ accordingly.
  • Immediately recognize patterns that suggest the patient might be “pharmacy shopping” and/or “doctor shopping” without the need to be familiar with the written addresses.
  • The map presents with the common capabilities of zooming in and out, helping the provider pinpoint locations.
  • The map is interactive, with mouse-over the icons displaying the name and address of every pharmacy and prescriber, as well as the patient’s address in the PDMP.

State PDMPs are Difficult to Interpritate

  • This is an example of a PDMP report (as produced in most states)
  • It has proven a challenge for prescribers to derive the needed Clinical Decision Support on the smaller percentage of new patients, even established patients, with a lot of data.
  • Those are the very patients who might be at risk and might be placing the prescriber at risk.
  • How easy is it to determine if the patient might be “pharmacy or doctor shopping”?
  • How easy is it to determine if the patient is unaware they are at risk of overdose?
  • How easy is it to calculate overlaps and MED?
  • How easy is it to dig out all the questions to ask the patient?
  • It isn’t.
  • PASTRx is, simply, a faster, easier, better way.

Follow Prescription Advisory

Although relieving pain and reducing suffering are primary emergency physician responsibilities, there is a concurrent duty to limit the personal and societal harm that can result from prescription drug misuse and abuse.

Pain Management / Clinical PolicyACEP Annals of Emergency Medicine 525, October 2012

In 2012, both New York and Tennessee required prescribers to check their state’s PDMP before prescribing painkillers.

The results one year later:
New York realized a 75% drop and Tennessee a 36% drop in patients who were seeing multiple prescribers to obtain the same drugs.

PDMP [National] Center of Excellence at Brandeis U, 2014
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